Nutrilicious Ginger + Garlic + Honey + Vinegar + Lemon with Calamansi 500ml


Ginger, Garlic, Honey, Vinegar, Lemon with Calamansi

Nutrilicious Nutritional Health Concoction – GGHVL is fortified with high source of nutrients, it is a valuable natural food that is trusted for its efficacy as a natural remedy for healing and wellness. This concoction mixed recipe of full spectrum and highly active health blend plays a beneficial role in health in myriad ways, many nutritionists recommended for its nutritional benefits in promoting good health and longevity.

Fresh Ginger Extract 20%
Raw Garlic Puree 20%
Wild Honey 22%
Apple Cedar Vinegar 15%
Fresh Lemon Extract 20%
with Calamansi Puree 3%